X-Lite v4.0 Setup Instructions

Recently, Counterpath, the makers of X-Lite, have discontinued the v3.0 X-Lite and have released their v4.0 out of beta now. The following instructions are for setting up X-Lite v4.0 to work with Talkshoe.

Next download X-lite v4.0 from If you have a PC, Mac or Linux, click here.

Next install X-Lite v4.0.

When you finish installing X-lite you May need to reboot your Computer.

The following information will show you how to setup and use an SIP client with the Talkshoe Service.
Using TalkShoe and VOIP without a provider:
Use the menu “Softphone” and then Account Settings to setup your SIP Account.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

You need to use your Talkshoe Username and the talkshoe ip ( for the domain,
and make sure “register with domain…” is NOT checked. See the picture for where to enter these items.

Click on the picture to enlarge it. u s online blackjack

IMPORTANT: make sure that under the “topology” section you are using Discover Public IP STUN
and enter the server: stun.counterpath.net

I’m going to add “Talkshoe” as a contact

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

I double clicked on Talkshoe in contacts and get a successful call.

You should be able to run X-lite v4.0.

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