X-Lite v3.0

Counterpath, the makers of X-Lite, discontinued v3.0 of X-Lite and have now released v4.1.
X-Lite v3.0 works very well and has the built-in ability which allows you to make a local recording (v4.1 doesn’t have this ability), so we highly recommend you use v3.0 and make a local recording for your own convenience.

This is a link to a page with a video which shows you how to install and configure X-Lite v3.0. top 5 online casino sites

ALSO Checkout these setup instructions for TalkShoe and X-Lite – http://mediaminutes.net/TalkShoe/

Note:- You can use X-lite without a SIP provider to connect to TalkShoe but you cannot receive calls and messages. You need a SIP Provider to receive incoming calls and to make call to others.

Thanks to Steve Guessed and Randulo for the following detailed information.

Note – Users of the latest Mac OS try ‘telephone’ instead of X-lite – Info here

Click here to download the PC version of X-lite v3.0

When the download has finished, please install X-lite. When you have finished installing X-lite, you may need to reboot your Computer.

The following information will show you how to set up and use the X-Lite SIP client with the Talkshoe Service. usa largest casino

Using TalkShoe and VOIP without a provider:
Use the menu “SIP options” and add or edit the entry by clicking on the “properties” button


You must have already registered a User Name and Password on TalkShoe to complete this set up process.

As you can see, we have entered “randulo” as the User Name above, but you need to enter your User Name and your Password. For “Domain” enter the TalkShoe IP address as shown and make sure “register with domain…” is not checked.

IMPORTANT: make sure that under the “topology” section you are using STUN and enter the server: stun.counterpath.net as shown.

On the right-hand edge of the X-Lite interface, click on the arrow pointing to the right.

When the “Contacts” panel opens, click on “Contacts” and Add “Talkshoe” as a contact as shown below, then to the right of the word “Softphone”, enter 123@ and click on the OK button
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Click the top left button where the mouse pointer is located and click on “Options”

Now click on the Headset with the word “Devices” under it

We are now going to be correcting one of the biggest problems the majority of people have when using X-lite on TalkShoe.com and that is The Auto Gain Control is checked by Default.
Uncheck “Use auto gain control (AGC)” in both places and then click OK


To connect into TalkShoe, right-click on the entry for Talkshoe in the contacts panel and you should connect successfully.

When prompted, enter the Call ID followed by the # key and then you will be prompted to enter your TalkShoe PIN Number followed by the # key, you should then be successfully connected into the call.

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