Low Cost Way To Connect To Talkshoe With Your Phone

A couple of years ago or more, a neat little device called MagicJack was introduced for only $19.95 a year for phone service! Great deal, right? Well, now there’s a better way to make phone calls through your PC WITHOUT getting blocked from calling the number YOU want to call AND without spending a fortune on long distance and other fees!

Skype has been around for a while now and many people use this free software to chat with other Skype users both by video and even over VOIP using their headset and microphone hooked direct to their PC. Skype has a couple of great subscription services that are often overlooked by many, however, they are a low cost alternative to using a standard land line based phone company or a flighty, maladjusted Internet phone service.

Skype has a service called Skype Out that for just $36.00 per year, will allow you to call ANY phone number in the United States and Canada and gives you UNLIMITED time to make your calls! You can even use this Skype Out subscription to call Overseas for just a few cents per minute, allowing you to take control of your phone spending.

Need a number for others to call you with? Skype has a subscription service called Skype IN that gives you an actual phone number that anyone can call you with, and sometimes, even a number local to where you live! You get all of the features of a normal land based phone company, such as Caller ID, Voicemail and more. Emergency dialing is not available with Skype, but most of us have cell phones anyway or another way to call in the event of an emergency, but keep that in mind when considering any phone service though!

The Skype IN subscription runs another $30.00 uS or more depending on features you decide to get with Skype. They will run specials from time to time and bundle packages too, so you will save money overall.

This Low Cost Way To Connect To Talkshoe was suggested and it will actually cost less for some people and may cost a few dollars more (for the equipment) however, this alternative will allow you to call ANYONE using your home phone or cordless phone and still call out over the Internet, just like what MagicJack and other VOIP providers are allowing right now.

Here’s the low cost solution in a nutshell:

You will need to purchase the Skype Out subscription (runs $36.00 US per year)
You will need to purchase the Skype In subscription (optional and only needed for an incoming phone number)(runs an additional $30.00 US per year…or more depending on other Skype features offered at the time of purchase)
You will need to purchase a Skype USB Phone Adapter (runs $25.00 US and up…to hook your home phone into)
And then setup the software and drivers and you will be ready to go.

This alternative setup will work for most PC’s, but not sure about Mac’s, so check the details and specs of the Skype USB Phone Adapter BEFORE you purchase it!

There are multiple adapters available, so you will have a choice. Be aware that NONE of these have been tested personally and I am strictly going by the specs. I will be setting up a Skype setup myself and once completed, will let you know what hardware I ended up with.

Here are some direct links to what you will need for Skype:

Download Skype (if you haven’t already done so…it’s free)
Purchase Skype Out (to make outgoing calls to any phone)

The following are Skype USB Phone Adapters. You will need only one and there are several to choose from.

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