Wine Top Five Podcast Series

The New Wine Consumer: Wine Brands real money gambling for ipad

Hosted by Randulo
Description: How do people choose their wines? How, when and where do they drink them? What factors influenced wine historically and what effect does this have on today’s market?

Wine Biz Radio – Talkshoe Version

Hosted by Randy & Richard
Description: Join Kaz and Randy as they delve the mysteries of the wine industry, Kaz brings the old school, Randy brings the technology, and they both bring their love of wine.

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Wine Fair

Hosted by Randulo
Description: Wine Fair brings you news from the world of wine

Big and Fruity Wine Podcast

Hosted by daveac
Description: Big and Fruity! It’s a wine podcast that will centre mainly on Red Wines. Your host is daveac (Dave AC) based in the UK

Cellar Dwellers – Home Winemaking

Hosted by Numbers Guy
Description: Dave Nelsen and The Other Guy share their hard won secrets for making award-winning wine at home.

Popularity: 4%

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