Computers & Tech Top Five Series

Currently – 5 Top Computer and Tech Podcast Series

Computers 2K Now

Hosted by Computers 2K Now
Description: Call in show for help with your computer. Live from Raleigh, NC. virtual casino for android

TalkShoe Not Working, Do You Need HELP?

Hosted by Guessed
Description: Having problems getting connected or the sound to work on TalkShoe? ShoePhone’s sound quality isn’t always very good unfortunately, but there are other ‘free’ alternatives you can use, which usually produce very good sound quality.

VoIP & Tell (

Hosted by @VoipUsers
Description: Twitter: voipusers VOIP allows you to do almost anything with incoming and outgoing telephone lines. You can use the open source pbx asterisk in conjunction with hardware to control normal phone lines or with SIP or IAX providers to have worldwide pay-as-you-go service with no monthly charges. You can connect toll free numbers in multiple countries, invent new telephone services, be your own telco! uk online slot

Live TalkShoe User Support

Hosted by TSUserSupport
Description: Speak directly with a member of the TalkShoe User Support Team who can help answer your questions on how to make TalkShoe work for you! Just join the call during a regularly scheduled episode

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (

Hosted by TUAW Host
Description: Join the bloggers of as they muse on the Apple, Mac, iPod and iPhone issues of the day. Ask questions, offer suggestions, and maybe even win a t-shirt!

Popularity: 51%

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