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Here are the Training videos in sequence:-

When you click on each link in turn chose play in your media player of choice. Once downloaded the video should play immediately.

At the end of viewing each video please close that window and return to this page which contains the list of all the videos slot machine gambling

01 Introduction

02 Main Page

03 Buttons

04 Sign Up

05 Sign-In

06 Profile

07 Avatar

08 Password

09 PIN

10 Download

11 Notifications etc

12 Create Call Series

13 Schedule Episode

14 Create and Upload Episode

15 Recorded Episode Options

16 Scheduled Episodes Update or Delete

17 Invite Guests

17a Video Training Interlude

18 Create and Start or Join an Episode Web

19 Create and Start or Join an Episode TS Live Pro

20 Follow This

21 Widgets and Badges

22 List on iTunes

23 Reviews and Ratings

24 Disable and-or Enable Call Series

25 Statistics for Call Series and Episodes

26 RSS Feeds Bookmarks etc

27 ShoePhone top 10 us online casino

SIGN UP NOW to attend the FREE training program “TalkShoe Basic Training for New & Prospective Hosts”! (Pre-registration is required even though it’s free – just send an email to

This free training program is conducted by the leading experts on the TalkShoe User Support Team. The training program consists of one session lasting 2 hours. This FREE Training program is offered on multiple dates:

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